USPAP Certified Appraisal Reports


We provide professional appraisals and consulting services in a confidential manner for individuals, collectors, museums, auctions houses, dealers, insurance companies Courts and attorneys. Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices

Why Appraisals are necessary:
• Homeowner and Renter Insurance Policy Coverage
• Insurance Loss/ Damage Claims
• Evaluation prior to repairing, selling or purchasing an instrument
• Airline and Shipping companies insurance claims
• Donation/Contribution or Estate Settlements
• Authentication or documentation of fraud
• Estate planning, equitable distribution
• Disillusionment of Marriage division of property
• Litigation purposes – Expert Witness Services available

How we research:
A & D Music has compiled a library of over 500 Books, Magazines, Trade Magazine, Catalogs as well as Musicologist, Auction houses and Internet. We have expert resources to value your instrument.

IRS Qualified Appraiser Qualifications

In February 2006 the Internal Revenue Service has put a restriction for appraisals claimed for donated items or Estate Settlement and Dissolution of Marriage. We offer IRS “QUALIFIED APPRAISAL” REPORTS.


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