Published Articles

Published Articles

Authored by Rebecca Apodaca

April 2012     ”Shine a light”

Elderly and definitely wiser-Elderly Instruments- Lansing ,MI

 March 2012     ”Shine a light”

Musicians Tool Store –Corner Music –Nashville, TN

February 2012   ”Shine a light”

Out of the Ashes- Washington Music Center –Wheaton, MD

 January 2012    ”Shine a light”

When the Tough Get Going – A & D Music Incorporated- Laguna Hills ,CA


December 2011 “Apraisal Scene Investigation”

The Value of Celebrity-owned instruments  Page 46

 November 2011 Issue

The Value of Accessories & Cases  Page 38

October 2011 Issue

Appraising the Value of a Music Store   Page 46

MOMM, I’m Comin’ Home     Page 10

 September 2011 Issue

Doug Irwin Les Paul Style Guitar page 48 & 45

August 2011 Issue

Authentication – Fender 1951 Telecaster  Gibson 1952 Les Paul                                    Page 47

Formidable Females

Cindalee Hall-President Rickenbacker International  Page 62

July 2011 Issue

Summer NAMM Sales? Value?  Pawn shops ? Partnership? Page 63

June 2011 Issue

A year in review Page33

 May 2011 Issue

The Value of Preschoolers Page 41

April 2011 Issue

The Value of Quality Page 41

 March 2011 Issue

Last Man Standing, What are R.C. Allen’s guitar worth? Part 2 Page 57

February 2011 Issue

Get Ready for Mardi Gras Page 41 & 52

January 2011 Issue

Last Man Standing, What are R.C. Allen’s guitar worth?  Page 73


December 2010 Issue “Appraisal Scene Investigation”

How the Grinch steals your Guitars  Page 43

 November 2010 issue

Sheet Music Library: Public Domain or Valuable Page 51

 October 2010 issue

‘It takes an Industry’  Hard to Find Comparable Sale – BC Rich  Page 43

 September 2010 issue

What is the difference between a Violin and a Fiddle? Page 35

August 2010 issue

Grandma Says it’s a Stradivarius   Page 43

July 2010 issue

What is a Certified Appraisal?  Page 43

 June 2010 issue

MIM is the Word -Grand Opening of the Musical Instrument Museum                  Front page

Ukulele, Ukelin, Ukele, Guituke, Polk-a-lay-lee Treholipee, What the Hey?    Page 49

May 2010 issue

Identification   Page 43

typo – Guitar was a 1960 with a 1959 body but listed as a 1962

April 2010 issue

Appraisal Scene Investigation is born  Page 43

Musical Typewriter


August 2008 issue

My Summer NAMM  Page 21

C a r e   &   I n f o
e B A Y
I m a g e   G a l l e r i e s