We have a premier restoration shop. Instruments are brought back to the way the manufacture first released them but without refinishing.  We are very aware of valuation and use methods that do not devalue fine instruments.   We have vintage parts vendors to find the original replacements parts, besides our own inventory of parts from 50 years of repair work.  We have worked on instruments that are up to 350 years old. Museums consult with us as well as recommend us for restoration and appraisal work. We work on BRASS,FRETTED, INTERNATIONAL, ORCHESTRA, PERCUSSION, VINTAGE and WOODWIND Musical Instruments.

Premier Restoration – Vintage parts are utilized to make everything as original as possible.

Replica Restoration – There is many replica parts that are now being manufactured at much less of a cost that we can use for restoration work

Display Only –  We can make it LOOK playable.  It is much less in price and are for display only.

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